Managing Dynamics 365 for a Digital Corporate Communications Provider

EQS Group is a leading international provider of digital corporate communications. Since its founding in 2000, the EQS Group has grown to be a leading global provider of digital solutions for investor relations and corporate communications.

The EQS Group is headquartered in Munich, with a further domestic office in Hamburg. The international growth strategy has led to subsidiaries in Zurich, Moscow, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Singapore, Taipei, and Kochi.


EQS Group needed a Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner that could fulfill all their dynamics 365 needs. This includes :

  • Extending functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to enhance sales and marketing:
  • Data migration from previous CRM systems:
  • Integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Microsoft NAV, Reporting and Business Intelligence:
  • Training EQS’ staff and on-going support


Scaleable Solutions’ team came up with combined cutting edge technology with real world practicality to meet the needs of the client.

  • To enhance sales, we developed a custom proposal generation mechanism from Quote and Quote Details.
  • To enhance marketing, we developed a custom grid on Lead and Contact to display the related Campaign, Campaign Activity and ability to add
  • Campaign Responses, right from the same grid.
  • For data migration and integration, we used SSIS with KingswaySoft Toolkit.
  • For reporting and business intelligence, custom SSRS reports were developed.


EQS employees are now more empowered; also has the benefit of generating reports instantaneously whenever needed. They can now make decisions on the fly based on the latest real time data.

The effort vastly improved the company’s planning and execution functions and streamlined the order preparation process.

  • A single CRM system that will be used across all the offices of the EQS Group
  • Sales team can easily generate commercial proposals from Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Efficient ways to monitor campaign progress and adding of campaign responses
  • Increased sales and lead conversion rates
  • Increased user adoption and efficiency
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I can highly recommend Aamir and the whole Scaleable Solutions team for the software development work that they have done – both expediently and accurately. They are very proficient in Dynamics 365 development.

Alex Kazansky
Director of Dynamics 365 Development, Broadlook Technologies

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