Web API Authentication from JavaScript


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    Joy Reply

    I’ve also same question, i don’t want to redirect to login page instead want to use any api call to skip redirection process if it is possible. So I can perform CURD operation. Could you plz help me to achieve this..

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    Abbs Reply


    Very informative blog.
    I have been able to connect as per the details above.
    But need the user to be redirected to the login rather than the user have to click on the login button.
    Is there any way this could be achieved?

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    Naveen Reply


    First of all, its a very good post.

    My question is, what I have to do if I want to skip the “authContext.login();” part which will take me to the login page?

    To rephrase the question, I want to pass the credential in the javascript itself and so that I can skip the manual login part and continue doing CRUD operations with CRM. How can I achieve this?

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