Whether you are interested in implementing Microsoft’s pre-configured  portal or you need a custom portal designed for your dynamic 365 systems, we can help you navigate your options and roll out a system that works for your business.

Dynamics 365  portals give organizations a way to display relevant information safely and securely while maintaining brand integrity. Find out how Scaleable Solutions can help you implement a web portal that is tailored to your business.

What can a portal do for organizations?

Organizations use web portals for a variety of reasons. They are interactive tools that can provide a set of users with aggregated data from various sources in a safe and secure way. They can be used to display appointment information, ticket status, account history, and much more.

Portals are used to

  • Provide a dashboard that maintains a consistent look and feel with branding.
  • Display information from various sources in one place.
  • Empower users to access information themselves when they need it in a safe place.
  • Tailor information accessibility depending on the type of user logging into the portal.
  • Increase revenue opportunities.
  • Improve communication and satisfaction with your customers, partners, and other relationships.

Custom Web Portals

A web portal is a single access point to various sources. It unites data sources, content, features and applications in one place and makes them available for users depending on a wide range of business objectives and user roles. Integrated web portal enables  interaction for everyone, inside and outside your organization. This will improve

  • Business potential
  • Add value to your customers
  • Reduce costs and enhance productivity.
  • Provides user-specific access to information, applications and business processes from a single, web portal.

Our team has strong skills in web portal development and integration with multiple enterprise data sources and applications like Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft SharePoint, payment gateways, social networks and third-party web services. We have invested in the execution of best practices for web portal development using.Net platform with its ASP.NET development framework.

  • The presentation layer is designed in accordance with MVC application architecture.
  • A data layer is separated from business logic through object-relational mapping.
  • Data exchange and integration capabilities are provided through WCF, JSON or XML
  • It is complemented by expertise in JQuery, AJAX, KnockoutJS, and Bootstrap.
  • We follow best security practices to ensure proper security.

This includes, but not limited to:

  • User authentication
  • User authorization
  • Strong data encryption
  • Securing sensitive online transactions with SSL
how can we help you?

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I can highly recommend Aamir and the whole Scaleable Solutions team for the software development work that they have done – both expediently and accurately. They are very proficient in Dynamics 365 development.

Alex Kazansky
Director of Dynamics 365 Development, Broadlook Technologies

After evaluating a few Dynamics 365 companies we decided to work with Scaleable Solutions because of their professional approach and ability to make changes to what we wanted. They were very good at understanding our requirements and possess the ability to deliver on time and at budget. I appreciate their promptness, quality of work, Dynamics 365 expertise and would recommend their services to everyone.

Robert Van Patten
Operations & Project Manager, Symmetry Elevating Solutions

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