BI and Analytics


Including ad-hoc analytics and querying, enterprise reporting, online analytical processing (OLAP)

Power BI is a suite of business analytic tools by Microsoft to analyze data and share insights. It is a cloud-based business analytics service that helps create live operational dashboards from on-premises and cloud data in one central location that you can access a range of devices. Power BI helps you stay up to date with the information that matters to you. You can connect to multiple data sets to bring all of the relevant data together in one place. Power BI dashboards help you keep a finger on the pulse of your business. The potential of Power BI’s benefits starts with the collaborative working atmosphere it facilitates within a team and between teams.

The main users that Power BI assists are:

  • Business Intelligence Professionals, who can manage their company data and help others to create personalized reports
  • Business Users, who have instant access to date, reports and dashboards from almost any device.
  • Business Analysts, who can import and shape data, generate powerful visual reports.
  • Developers, who are now in a unique position to support individuals and teams to set up and maintain a real-time dashboard and customize their reports.

Features Include:

  • Speedily create concerted BI sites
  • Keep reports up to date with scheduled data refresh
  • Manage data queries for the team
  • Maintain a Data Collection of searchable data
  • Ask questions of your data in an ordinary language
  • Stay connected with mobile access to your reports.


Data is an essential component of your business. Data Integration/ Migration is an important component of any environment, and our services and approach leverage the best tools and technologies with our experienced team of data integration experts. We can unbundle any of the three ETL services (extract, transform or load), or once system integration is in place, or a core database has been loaded, we can provide added value including data wrangling so your data is correct and usable.

The basic steps:

  1. Extract – We identify and collect the data needed for the project, Extracts data from any data sources.
  2. Transform – Transforms the data for storing it in the proper format or structure for the purposes of querying and analysis
  3. Load – loads it into the final target (Dynamics 365, database, operational data store, data mart, or data warehouse)

ETL is not a once-in-a-lifetime activity. It’s an on-going process that must be continued indefinitely and your ETL partner needs to have the understanding and expertise to lead your organization down the right path, they must be well aligned with your business in order to maintain your marketing data over time and adapt your data structure to lodge your ever-changing needs. We can handle your ETL challenges efficiently and reasonably.

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I can highly recommend Aamir and the whole Scaleable Solutions team for the software development work that they have done – both expediently and accurately. They are very proficient in Dynamics 365 development.

Alex Kazansky
Director of Dynamics 365 Development, Broadlook Technologies