Scaleable Greetings

Stay Connected – Stay Progressing – through Scaleable Greetings; Personalized, Convenient and Comprehensive Solution of sending greetings through Emails and SMS’s within Microsoft Dynamics 365.

What is Scaleable Greetings?

Scaleable Greetings is a powerful Dynamics 365 Add-on which allows users to send greetings to their valued patrons with only a few clicks. Presented for the first time, a comprehensive solution permitting users to send personalized/customized Emails and SMS’s to their contacts, accounts and leads on their special days and events. Scaleable Greetings can use both static and dynamic marketing lists to send commemorations such that Birthday Wishes, National Holiday Greetings, Company Newsletters, special offers, meeting reminders and much more.  . You just schedule the important events once and Scaleable Greetings will remember it forever. Scaleable Greetings is powered by meaningful and concise post activity Analytics making it accountable.

Stay connected with your contacts, accounts & leads through Scaleable Greetings on-the-go. Its user friendly, engaging and result oriented.

“Scaleable Greetings; its user friendly, it’s engaging and its result oriented”

greeting price tag 0.5 pound

Stay Connected – Stay Progressing – through Scaleable Greetings


Personalization and Automation

Which allows you to Send Both SMS & E-mails within Microsoft Dynamics 365 seamlessly. It helps users to create and schedule their own purpose-based events. Once created, they will be sent automatically on the date and time you have specified.

Handle It with just few clicks

Scaleable Greetings is special being extremely user friendly; instead of writing long flows that consumes a lot of time and efforts, Scaleable Greetings makes it super simple (only few clicks required) and more importantly one can use this without much prior technical knowledge.

Give your Brain Some Rest

You don’t need to remember important occasions, Event Calendar will keep you reminding about upcoming events of yours and your patron’s interest like birthdays, anniversaries etc

Customized Event Calendar

Helps user to schedule events like birthdays, anniversaries, meetings, Public Holidays, marketing campaign and much more.


View all emails statistics with Scaleable Greetings analytics. It allows user to view present, past and future campaigns/campaign activities

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