Scaleable Campaign

Scaleable Campaign; An Active Campaign Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales & Business Central

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What is Scaleable Campaign?

Scaleable Campaign is an integration between Active Campaign and Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Sales & Business Central).

Through this integration get the useful information from Active Campaign to Dynamics 365 Sales and Business Central and vice versa when it is most required. Provide your customer a fully customized and personalized experience. Where entire team is informed and able to utilize best of marketing and sales tools.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Synchronization of contacts from Dynamics 365 to Active Campaign

Get Active Campaign score to Dynamics 365. (For marketing: Quantify your leads on basis of active campaign score within Dynamics 365 for better sales)

Get Active Campaign tags to Dynamics 365 to better understand your potential customers and their interests.

Get the relevant notes of your leads back to Dynamics 365 to better understand the needs of your leads

CE only: Get the activities back to CRM to let the other team members know exactly how to interact further.

Get all the important information of your customer synced by mapping fields, mandatory fields will be already mapped.

Synchronization of leads from Active Campaign to Dynamics 365.

User will be able to decide which and when (Never miss any customer due to lack of communication) the contacts will be synced (Sync on create, set criteria to sync (for marketing: Target the right people on right time to get more from your customers), select marketing list)


View highest scored leads on dashboard
Visualize number of contacts and leads synced between Dynamics 365 and Active Campaign