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Mobile Solutions


Going Mobile? We develop cross-platform, cost-effective, scaleable mobile solutions to maximize your reach for probable customers.

Mobile Solutions

HTML5 has emerged as a very popular technology for developing mobile enterprise applications. It has been embraced and promoted by leading enterprise software and solution providers. Popularity in HTML5 mobile apps is driven by benefits in fast built times, multi device support, ubiquity of skills available in the market place and availability of multiple UI frameworks with elegant mobile components that offer everything from carousels to super elaborate controls. Additionally, HTML5 integrates tightly with SaaS and cloud applications.


Mobile apps developed with HTML5 are device agnostic. This helps enterprises to separate software development decisions from hardware decisions because once an HTML5 application is written it can run on any device, a smart phone, tablet or desktop platform.


Organizations are beginning to realize the costs associated with managing multiple mobile code bases for the same business app (e.g. a business mobile app for iPhone, Android and Windows phones). This cost of maintaining multiple mobile application code bases cannot compete with the costs savings of using a single code base i.e. HTML5.


HTML5 mobile applications are extremely scaleable. Support requirements do not change as the user population grows. Maintenance only needs to be performed on one copy of the software even if thousands of workers use it. Maintenance and updates can be performed locally, and users automatically receive the most up-to-date version of the application every time they log on.

Hybrid Mobile Apps

Emerging technologies are providing an excellent platform in pushing the HTML5 standard further by allowing the integration of platform-specific native components into HTML5 mobile apps. Hybrids have the cross-platform interoperability and more of the device-specific functionality of natives. The concept of hybrid apps is that HTML5 code is contained within a platform-specific wrapper. The HTML5 component allows the app to run on any device, while the OS-specific wrapper provides full access to the features that the particular operating system and devices support.

Technology Overview

We utilize best tools and frameworks for developing HTML5 mobile apps to minimize code maintenance and maximize delivery speed.

  • Responsive websites or apps are designed using elegant UI frameworks like jQueryMobile or Bootstrap.
  • Hybrid mobile apps are built using PhoneGap framework.
  • Web services, to be consumed by the mobile clients, are developed using ASP.Net MVC framework.
  • We also specialize in integrating mobile applications with Microsoft Dynamics 365, third-party web services and payment gateways.
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I can highly recommend Aamir and the whole Scaleable Solutions team for the software development work that they have done – both expediently and accurately. They are very proficient in Dynamics 365 development.

Alex Kazansky
Director of Dynamics 365 Development, Broadlook Technologies