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Microsoft Dynamics CRM and FieldOne Sky - Scaleable Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and FieldOne Sky

Field-service management software is used by companies that need to send workers to customers’ locations to provide on-site support. FieldOne Sky enables companies to deliver world class customer experiences in the field while maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs.


How to setup FieldOne Sky in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

To setup FieldOne sky in Microsoft Dynamics CRM open CRM instances and click on any instance and then click on solutions edit icon  as shown below:1

By clicking on the solutions edit icon it will take you to the next screen and here you can see a list of Solutions and STATUS. Select FieldOne Sky and INSTALL this solution if it is not already installed on your CRM. It will take some time and once it is installed the status of the solution is changed from “Not installed” to “Installed”.



This will add some solutions in your CRM and once it is installed under main area we can see FieldOne Sky Work Area.3

Overview of FieldOne Sky

There are two main terminologies in FieldOne Sky

  • Dispatcher
  • Agent (Resources/Users)


A dispatcher is one who receives a service request (Via phone call, email, Fax), dispatchers creates work order, schedule these jobs and notify field agents when a new service request has been scheduled and allocated. They can automatically calculatete location and travel time, check available resources to schedule efficient service visits all from within the CRM interface

Create a New Work Order

A work order is created once the dispatcher gets new service request. To create a work orders click on FieldOne Sky work Area and then click Work Orders here you’ll see all the active work orders to create a new work order click on the New(Create new record button in form ribbon same as for other CRM entities records).



By clicking on New button you’ll see a screen as shown below and here you have to fill the form and some required fields like “service account”(Service account is the account for which we are creating work order) then save the record, this will creates a work order.


Once you have a created a work order you can now schedule this work order against any of your resources. To Schedule (Manual Scheduling) a work order click on FieldOne Sky work Area and then click Schedule Board. Here you can see all the unscheduled work orders and can drag any of those work order and assign to a resource.

Legend: Here is a color assigned to all the resources and you can see them on Map view also all the unscheduled work orders have gray color.  By clicking on a pin on the map you can see the details about the work order and also the system status (the status Field agent changes time by time i.e. travelling, in progress, break, completed etc.)


Field Agent/ Resource:

A field agent is a resource (A user with required skills for the job, a resource can be a user, Company Asset, Account, contact). Field agents get message (via text, email, IVR etc.) to check their schedule board. We can assign categories to the resources to organize company roles e.g. Technician, driver, supervisor, operator etc.

To add new user go to FieldOne Sky Work area and select administration you’ll see a screen as shown below.



Once you clicks on resources tab it will take you to the active resources window. On the active resources screen click on NEW to create a new resource this will take you to the screen as shown below.


Here you have to fill all the required fields e.g. name,time zone, resource type etc. There are multiple resource types i.e. Users (the resource is a member of your organization who has a license and access to FieldOne Sky), Account Contact (resources that are not directly a part of your organization, but that you subcontract to), Company Asset, Crew (any collection of Resources. Examples: two or more workers or a group of workers and equipment). You can select any categories to assign a category to the resource also set display on schedule board to yes and save the resource record and this new resource record has been created in system.

Now this resource is visible to the dispatcher in schedule board Under Resources and he can assign work orders to this resource as shown below


FieldOne Sky Mobile

FieldOne mobile app is a crucial component in this process to keep field agents in sync. Field agents uses CRM mobile app to see their schedule, read about work order, Update their status, get driving directions, add parts (required for the job), add notes, take pictures, collect clients signature and many more. They can change the status of work order (Traveling, In Progress, Completed etc.) and a dispatcher directly can see on schedule board these status changes to get to know what is the status of the work. Here is FieldOne sky mobile app which an agent can use and can get data from the server (CRM) they have to use their username and password to access the data from the CRM as shown below.


Once user got logged in all the data will Sync from CRM to the FieldOne Sky mobile app. Agent can view all the records and can change them too by editing the records and pressing the save icon and the updated data will automatically syncs to server(If online mode is set to “Always”)


Agent can view all the work order assigned to him and can click on any of them and view its details and can change their status. Whatever change made by the agent is directly updated to the server and dispatcher can view these changes on schedule board.9


User can change the status of the work order and it is directly updated to the server he can choose any status as shown in the below image and it will be updated in the Schedule board.



Customizations in FieldOne Sky Mobile App

To customize the FieldOne Sky mobile app and manage mobile user’s FieldOne sky uses Woodford solution. The Woodford solutions is imported to the CRM same as other solution imports.

To see if the WoodFord solutions is installed on your Org navigate to settings in CRM ribbon. The Woodford solution is used to customize the FieldOne Mobile App.11


Once you clicked on Woodford it will show you a screen as shown below by clicking on new you will get a pop-up and name this project once all this done you are ready to make changes in your mobile app.12

Once all is done double click on the newly created project and it will show you a screen as shown below. Once you clicks Home from the left sidebar it will show all the items in Home tab and it also shows the available items that can be added to the home screen of mobile app, we can add dashboards entities can change color themes and all these things using this once we are done we can save these changes and purplish them and they will automatically reflects in the FieldOne Sky Mobile Application.




In this way you can connect and use FieldOne Sky with Dynamics CRM.



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