Dynamics 365 Marketing

Dynamics 365  Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing provide a comprehensive marketing service that you can use to delight customers and personalize their experiences of your company or brand. Users can create tailored customer journeys, with targeted messages and activities set to be rolled out at various stages, depending on either timing or in response to customer interactions. These personalized, automated interactions help nurture leads and move them along the pipeline.

  • Drive results by automating your marketing plan across all digital channels including email and LinkedIn
  • Personalize the buyer experience by gaining insights on user engagement
  • Measure expenditures across every marketing investment to track ROI

Unified Interface

The app is also primed for use on a multitude of devices, and features a unified interface across mobile, tablet, and desktop.Manage content and deliver digital experiences faster and compliant with government, industry and corporate standards.Deliver consistent and relevant messaging at every customer touch-point, increasing retention, reducing sales cycles and increasing close rates. Ensure marketing ROI and revenue growth with campaign management tools across email marketing, event management, social listening, customer surveys and the single customer view that shows you what worked.


Real time results

To enable real-time, data-driven decision-making through concise, intuitive, and visual dashboards that track activities, performance, and results


To drive innovation with a modern, adaptable platform that is easy to customize, extend, and connect to other systems and apps being used

Closing more deals

To find and nurture more sales-ready leads across channels and more consistently turn them into long-lasting and profitable relationships

Common Data Model

Dynamics 365 for Marketing benefits from being tightly integrated with other branches of the Dynamics 365 system, such as Sales and Customer Service. All these apps share the same “brain”, meaning they are always in sync, and up to date, so the sales and marketing arms of your business can collaborate more effectively.

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