How to Register Dynamics CRM App with Azure Active Directory

In our previous tutorial we covered how to access Azure Active Directory. In this tutorial, we will learn how you can register Dynamics CRM app with Azure Active Directory.

  1. Sign in to Azure account
  2. Click the Active Directory node in the left column.
    register Dynamics CRM app with Azure Active Directory
  3. Select the directory to add application to. Details of that directory will be displayed.Screenshot (15) - Copy
  4. Click the Applications tab.Screenshot (15)
  5. Click the Add button at the bottom of the page.Screenshot (16)
  6. On the pop-up, select Add an application my organization is developing.Screenshot (17)
  7. Write a name for the AppScreenshot (18)
  8. If App is web based, select Web Application And/Or Web API and if App is Native (like android, iOS, Cordova) then select Native Client Application.
  9. If Web Application And/Or Web API is selected enter appropriate Sign-On URL and APP ID URLScreenshot (22)
  10. If Native Client Application is selected than enter appropriate redirect URL.Screenshot (19)
  11. Once the process is completed, click on the newly created App.
  12. We can get all the details that will be used to authenticate the user.Screenshot (26)
  13. To add permission to access Dynamics CRM from an App, click Add Application button.
    Screenshot (27)
  14. Select Microsoft Dynamics CRM.Screenshot (28)
  15. Click the check box to grant permission and click Save.Screenshot (29)

In this way you can add any Dynamics CRM app in Azure Active Directory for authentication purposes.


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