FAQs Scaleable Zoom

Scaleable Zoom is an integration of Zoom with Dynamics 365.  Zoom integration with MD 365 Sales which allows you to start and schedule meetings directly within MD 365 Sales.

You can get Scaleable Zoom directly from Microsoft App Source or visit our website, it will redirect you to the download link of the solution.

After installation on Welcome Screen click on Get Registered. Give app permissions to allow Scaleable Zoom to access the Common Data Service as an organization user and then Setup Profile.
On Registration form, fill out the General information. Select your Subscription Plan or Trial.
Check Terms and Conditions and then hit Submit Button.

From Registration, select trial to get a 30 days free trial.

If you have selected to Subscribe, you’ll be able to make payments via Stripe.

Note: Price is per user per month. The enabled users will be counted automatically.
Enter your payment details and click Pay.

All the zoom users can be mapped with Dynamics 365 users provided the email address is exactly same.

Your meetings will be created in zoom as soon as you create them in Dynamics 365.

You can set the time duration in configuration settings. Activate the sync meeting configuration and select time interval of synchronization in hours.

Give app permissions to allow Scaleable Zoom to access the Common Data Service as an organization user.

You will not be able to synchronize meetings if the JWT token is expired. However; you can always regenerate a new token from your Zoom account.

Scaleable zoom allows you to delete the zoom meeting automatically when the meeting is deleted from Dynamics 365. Set the value in configuration to “Yes” to enable automatic deletion.

Yes, you can change/amend the template in accordance to your requirements. To change or review the template, go to the Advanced Settings > Select Templates > Select email templates and access scalable zoom email templates.

Scaleable Zoom is available in all countries supported by Zoom.

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