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The 2019 release wave 2 update delivers a set of features designed to simplify ISV development for new solutions and, specifically, for streamlining the migration from the source code customization model of Dynamics NAV to Business Central. The Dynamics NAV business has been driven by strong vertical ISV solutions, surrounded by add-on solutions. For the 2019 release wave 2 update, our focus will be streamlining the path for ISVs to bring their solutions – and in turn their customers – to Business Central online.

localize by extracting more and more of our system logic into modules, forming a system application and an application foundation. These modules are putting simplicity in focus by following a one feature = one module principle. Each module encapsulates the complexity and replaces implementation details with clean, documented, and stable APIs. The smaller modules speed up the development cycle, and make it easier to monitor and optimize functionality from security and performance perspectives. The number of modules can vary, depending on the configuration, and you can update each module individually. Because this is a major shift in the development paradigm for both Microsoft and our partner community, we make each module available well ahead of the 2019 release wave 2. As we finish modules, we publish the source code in the ALAppExtensions repo on GitHub so that you can provide direct feedback and make contributions



Auto Format Management

Formats the appearance of decimal data types in fields of a table, report, or page. For example, you can change how amounts that include decimals appear in a Cue on a Role Center.

Blob Storage

Provides a way to store various kinds of data. It consists of the TempBlob container to store BLOB data in-memory, the Persistent BLOB Management interface for storing BLOB data between sessions, and the TempBlob List interface for storing sequences of variables, each of which stores BLOB data. Potential uses are storing images, very long texts, PDF files, and so on

Caption Class

Defines how the CaptionClass property displays captions for pages and tables. You can define rules for how captions display.

Compression Management

The purpose of this module is to provide the ability to create, update, read, and dispose of a binary data compression archive.

Confirm Management

Contains helper methods that either display a confirm dialog when logic is run, or suppress it if UI is not allowed, such as background sessions or webservice calls.

Cryptography Management

Provides helper functions for encryption and hashing. For encryption in an onpremises version, use it to turn encryption on or off, and import and export the encryption key. Encryption is always turned on for online versions.

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