Editable Grid in Dynamics 365

One of the most amazing and awaiting feature in Dynamics 365 is editable grids.  In most of our implementations, we’re asked by customers to create an editable grid to allow users to quickly modify specific record’s data without changing the form.  However, Microsoft has released the ability to turn any grid in Dynamics CRM into an editable grid with their latest release of Dynamics 365.

Editable grids functionality is available for sub grids (that appear on forms) and home grids (the grid that shows when you select an entity from the Site Map, or when you expand a sub grid on a form to be full sized).

How to enable editable grid for an Entity ?

Editable grids for Home Grids:

To enable the editable grid for a home grid, Go to customization’s for the entity at Settings –> Customization’s –> Customize the System –> Entities select any entity (In my example below, I’m working on the Account entity.), and then click on the “Controls tab” for an entity you want to configure.

Editable Grid


Click on “Add Control link”, you can select the Editable Grid control in the dialog that pops up, and click on Add as shown below.

Editable Grid


You’ll then have the option to enable the editable grid for the Web, Phone and Tablet by selecting the appropriate radio buttons. Editable Grid

Now as we have enabled editable grid control for account entity we can navigate to “sales –> Accounts” and selsct Show As button to “Editable Grid” as shown below.

Editable Grid


Now click (single click) on any records and select any column and you can experience editable behavior as shown below.

Editable Grid


Editable grids for Sub Grids:

For a Sub Grid, navigate to the form that the sub grid is on and find the sub grid you want to make editable.  Select the sub grid on the form, and click on the Change Properties.  In the dialog that appears, select the controls tab, and click on the Add Control link.  As with the main grid, you can add the Editable Grid control, and then configure in the sub grid properties dialog which form factor the editable grid applies to (web, phone, and tablet).

Editable Grid

Once you add the Editable Grid control, you’ll see an Events tab appear.  This allows you to configure JavaScript code that will trigger on certain events that occur in the grid.

Editable Grid

The events currently exposed for editable grid JavaScript libraries are:

  • OnChange (when a particular field is changed)
  • OnRecordSelect (when user selects a specific record)
  • OnSave (when a record is saved)

What’s supported on the editable grids?

  • In line editing
  • Sorting
  • Grouping (see below)
  • Filtering
  • Pagination
  • Calculated and Rollup Fields
  • Run time resize/move columns (see below)
  • Auto Save / Manual Save (see below)
  • Toggle between read only and editable grid (see below)
  • Filtered lookups
  • Business Rules (e.g., show error messages, set field value, set business required, set default value, lock or unlock)
  • JavaScript(Onchange, OnSave, OnRecordSelect)

Editable Grids Limitations

 Inline editing not supported for some data types

Inline editing is not supported for the following data types:

  • Entity State/Status field
  • Customer Type field (a special lookup that combines account and contact records)
  • Composite field (Address, Full name)
  • Party list
  • Fields from related entities

 Inline editing not supported for subgrids

Inline editing is not supported for the following subgrids:

  • Product subgrids on Opportunity, Quote form

 Need to refresh browser if there are changes made for existing entity-level business rules

For home page grids and global quick create forms, a browser refresh is needed for the business rules changes to take effect.



This is quick and easy to implement. keep visiting our blog for the latest updates regarding Dynamics 365.

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