Data Migration using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Data Loader Service

Data loader service is a data migration service developed by Microsoft to avoid writing custom code or using third party tools for data migration. It exports data to cloud staging table where we perform actions on our data, and then the service import the data back into the CRM from cloud staging table.

Using Data Loader Service

  • Navigate to the LCS.
  • Click on Sign in, and enter you CRM organization credentials. After successful login you will have the screen, shown in screenshot below:

Data Loader Service for Dynamics CRM data migration

Creating CRM Connection:

Data loader needs CRM Connection to stay closer to the data center of a specific organization.

Click CRM Connections tile.


After clicking CRM Connections you will have the screen shown in screenshot below.


Click “+” button, after clicking you will have a pop up screen. Enter user id and password of organization to which you would like to import data.

Click Fetch CRM instance button, and then select your organization from CRM instance Drop down list.

Click Create button, it will take approximately 15-30 minutes to create connection.


While creating the status of runtime will be “Queued”.

Once the status is changed to Running,the connection is done. You can also edit, delete and refresh your runtime.

Configure flat file:

Click Configure file format tile on the main dashboard.



Click on “+” button to add a new file format, as shown in screenshot below.


Import data to CRM:

Click on New import tile in the main dashboard.

Data Loader Service

A wizard will start, enter the project name and select CRM instance.


Click next. The next wizard will ask you about the file format (the drop down will show all the file format which you have created), CRM entity to which the data will be imported and to upload the .csv file (file that has rows to be inserted) having data in proper format.



The screenshot of our sample data is shown below


Click next. The next wizard is about mapping the column of your file to CRM fields.


In case of lookup you can either give the ids of the lookup records and map to the lookup or provide the names of the lookup but you have to map the name of the lookup to the alternate key of the lookup.

In our case we are mapping names of “primary contact lookup”, so we have created the alternate key of the last name on contact.


If you are not familiar with alternate key please see this link.

In case of option set and two options you can either provide the value or text of option set and two option.


Click next. We are creating new rows that’s why we are not providing the id’s of the records. In this case the Data Loader Service will show a warning shown in screenshot below.


Click yes. And then click on Start Job button in the last wizard.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Data Loader Service


You will see your job in “Recent import jobs” column of the main dashboard.

Click the job to open it.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Data Loader Service

We have three tabs in the next screen.

The first one is source where the data is imported to staging. This will display error occurred when processing data into staging table.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Data Loader Service

The second tab is staging. It displays the data which is successfully imported to cloud staging table, data imported to CRM and the errors occurred during the process etc. You can also validate your data here.

We have many tabs on the right side where you can see your failed records and imported records etc.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Data Loader Service

After validating your records click Import all to CRM and wait for a moment.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Data Loader Service

The service will show the last tab where the data will be imported to CRM. It will show the status of importing. If error occurred click the staging tab and download the error file to see the errors.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Data Loader Service




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