Create and Display Entity List Views in Adxstudio Portal for Dynamics CRM

Adxstudio portals provide a very efficient way of displaying system and custom entity views of Dynamics CRM in portal pages. It also provide a number of customization and configuration options which we’ll see in this post step by step.

First of all we need to create a web page which will display this entity list view in the portal. For this go to Portals > Web Pages and click New. Enter the details as shown in the screenshot below


Now we need to create the Entity list. For this go to Portals > Entity List and click New.


You can add as many views as you want and they will appear in the drop down just like Dynamics CRM.

Enable the search and enter a placeholder in the text box as shown


Now we need to assign the newly created web page to the list. For this go to the Web Pages tab at the bottom and click on plus button to add an existing page.


You can also add a custom java-script code for any type of customization. For example we would like to highlight any row which contains an empty cell. For this go to Options tab in bottom and enter the following code in Custom JavaScript section.

 $("#EntityListControl td:empty").each(function(){
 $(this).parent().childern().css('background', '#ff6666');


Note: The Adxstudio support JQuery by default so you don’t need to do anything for adding JQuery reference.

Save the form and browse to your newly created page in the portal and you will see a entity list as shown in the screenshot below.


And that’s it you have successfully created an entity list in the Adxstudio portal.


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