Connecting Xamarin Form Application with Dynamics CRM


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    Tray Reply

    Hey can you explain how do i get clientid for authentication?
    Is there any task need to be done in Microsoft Azure?


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    Jeremy Reply

    How is the performance of the API web calls with a Xamarin app? Is it slow? Can you use Redis cache to speed it up?

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    admin Reply

    You can still use that Adal version by manually running the following command from visual studio “Package Manager Console”: Install-Package Microsoft.IdentityModel.Clients.ActiveDirectory -Version 3.5.207081303-alpha -Pre

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    Nothing but smiles Reply

    Hey so…you got a github of this? Your code has a lot of html tags in it for being C#.

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    Tyler Reply

    The ADAL version you referenced is no longer available. Is there a different version available that I should use? Also, have you considered hosting this project on GitHub?

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