Convert UTC date format into local time format in Power BI


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    Atul Tandon Reply

    I am using Power BI Desktop and These steps are not converting the date to local , it does show number of hours to be added if I change the type to time zone, However it does not actually add those hours to the date to make it local

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    Aarthi Reply

    Would it convert a “mm/dd/yyyy” format date as well to local format.
    The date displays as “dd/mm/yyyy” in a excel sheet. If I use a .csv source – then my date is jeopardised.

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    Khadim Ali Reply

    Will this work for Power Bi desktop version only, or for Power BI online too. I mean how the DateTimeZone.ToLocal function will convert the UTC time to my machine’s local time if it will be invoked from inside the BI online?

    Sorry if the question doesn’t make sense, as I am not much aware of the Power BI yet.

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      admin Reply

      Hi Khadim,
      No it applies for Power Query and Power BI Desktop only.

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